Chat bot Framework

Build a smart chatbot that recognize images, mood and respond in any language to support questions, taking orders or sales inquiries.

Integrate the chatbot with social media

The bot framework enables Anywhere365 to integrate with different types of Channels like, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Twitter. It makes it possible to chat with a group of (federated) Lync and Skype for Business users, while the customer uses Twitter, Facebook Messenger App or WebApp and Telegram.

  • Social Integration


    Integrate the chatbot within your (social) apps

  • Chatbot respond to support questions


    Seamlessly respond to most questions or recognize photos, mood or language

  • 3

    Based on the uploaded photo, language or mood an agent can take over the chat

Advanced features



    Send a photo to the chatbot and an agent with the right skill will be hunted

  • Mood based routing

    Mood based routing

    Based on the mood of the customer, an agent with the right skill will be hunted

  • Language based routing

    Language based routing

    The chatbot automatticaly detect the language and hunt an agent with the right skills

  • Image recognition

    Image recognition

    The agent will receive a description of the photo before he opens it

  • FAQ Mode

    FAQ Mode

    The chatbot can seamlessly respond to most support questions, take orders or sales inquiries.

  • Translation


    If the customer and the agent both speak a different language, Bing will automatically translate the chat

  • Custom Implementation

    Custom Implementation

    Build to fit your company's need

  • Call me back

    Call me back

    If no agents are available, the customer can fill in their phone number and will be called immediately when the agent comes online