NFC and QR Routing

Upgrade your business to a communication card

NFC and QR Routing

With NFC Routing you can start a dialogue based on NFC. For example, e-tailers and services.

Upgrade your Business Card to a Business Communication Card? At WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, our business cards have an embedded NFC chip and QR code that allows you to reach any representative by simply tapping your NFC/QR mobile to the card.

Based on Skype, Anywhere365 shows you if your representative is busy (red) or available (green), but also allows his/her assistant or even a complete team to take over the presence if required.

  • NFC


    Tap the Business card with a mobile phone and the contact card opens up in the mobile browser

  • Adaptive Contact options


    The contact card has contact options that adapts to the status of the representative

  • The right agent


    The customer is able to get in touch with the agent in the best possible way

Advanced features

  • Groups


    Create groups that consist of multiple Agents with a similar Skill. Based on the presence status of the individual, a group presence status is created.

  • No Lync / Skype client needed

    No Lync / Skype client needed

    The customer can use the chat without having a Lync client, every action can be done using a mobile browser.

  • Customizable


    Redesign to fit your company's corporate identity.

  • Adaptive contact options

    Adaptive contact options

    The contact options adapts itself based on the presence status of the group and shows only the best possible contact options