Put communications in your website

  • Webchat Standard


  • Webchat+

    Chat, audio & video

  • Webchat Co-browse

    Chat, Co-browse

  • Webchat Call me now

    Chat, Call me now

How the Webchat works

Chat with a group of (federated) Lync and Skype for Business users, instead of an individual, by starting a chat with a single contact. The customer can chat with your Agents without having Lync or Skype for Business installed, just browse to the website and start chatting.

  • 1

    Add webchat elements on page of client

  • 2

    (optional) Redesign to fit your company's identity

  • 3

    The Webchat will now be displayed

Advanced features

  • Groups


    Create groups that consist of multiple Agents with a similar Skill. Based on the presence status of the individual, a group presence status is created.

  • Federation


    Add Agents that are not within your organization Lync and Skype for Business environment easily by adding the SIP address to the list of Agents.

  • Customizable


    Redesign the WebChat to fit your company's corporate identity.

  • Add-ons


    Expand the Web Chat with Audio, Video, Co-browsing or / and Call Me Now.

  • No Lync / Skype client needed

    No Lync / Skype client needed

    The customer can use the web chat without having a Lync client, every action can be done using a browser.


  • Audio


    When the customer initiates an audio call, the agents needs to accept it. From this point the customer and the agent are connected and can use audio.

  • Video


    When a customer chooses to add video to the call, the client just clicks on the camera icon and the agent accepts the invitation. Than a video conference is set up.

  • Call me now

    Call me now

    Customer can leave his phone number (or sip address). When the customers chooses this option, the customer will be connected with the agent

  • Co-browse


    A real-time look on your customer’s screen.

  • Cloud Call Recording

    Cloud Call Recording

    The Call recording is stored in SharePoint